Buying Used Textbooks for Profit

Most of us come into college ready to learn. We get a text book and we try to learn as much as we can. That’s the goal, at least. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t trying to make money.Many students use textbooks to fill out assignments, to pass their classes, and to use as study guides.… Read More »

Figure of Speech: Alliteration

is a technique of combining the first and last letter of several words to create a new word. The word that follows a homophone in this context could be used as an interjection. For example, two former world chess champions, Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov, who faced each other in a match in 1995, used… Read More »

The Power of Shungite in Healing

Dr. Roger Shultz, a healer working in Chicago, reports that a woman in his midst claims the shungite is working as a healing aid. “My girlfriend found a bag of rocks in the garage that she took and put them on her stomach. She’s not a believer. That night, she got up and went to… Read More »

Does Astrology Really Work?

Are we all just little leaves on the water’s surface? As we move away from the shallow side of the water, all the little leaves look like they are floating on top of the water. We think that we are just little plants but a long time ago people said that they could see an… Read More »

The Original Mandela Effect Article

In February 2017, the satirical site Pajamas Media published an article which made some bold claims about the effects of quantum mechanics. As the story suggests, quantum mechanics may cause images to appear on the Internet that are different than the actual image.The article’s main argument is based on a photograph taken in May 1968.The… Read More »

How to Click a Great Candid Photo?

Despite the high percentage of lost or stolen photos, there are a few simple tips you can follow to take better photos.Make sure your camera is set to “auto”Clean up your photo library by deleting photos that are not good enough for any of your social media platforms. You may have a good photo of… Read More »

How to Activate Your Roku Device

To try it, just click the little menu icon in the upper right corner of the home screen of your Roku device. From there, select Settings > Digital TV & Video> Device Information. In the Device Information window, click the toggle switch on the right-hand side of the screen to turn on the capability. If… Read More »

Creative Imagination – What Causes It?

By the age of six most of us believe we are creative, that we are imaginative, that we can produce magic on a moment’s notice. Most of us will tell you about times we “concocted” beautiful designs out of clay, drew an imaginary island from a napkin, or came up with the winning idea for… Read More »

Being an Artist – Why It’s Not About the Money

What’s the artist, how the most artist that is fine, artisan, along with a craftsman? Artist-is an person that creates services and products for business companies. The two examples are all picture artists and publication illustrators. Nice Artist-An inherited ability to generate visual, original, and stunning items of art for decorative worth. For example oil… Read More »